ITM00374 – Microwave Tortilla / Potato Steamer Bag


ITM00374 – Microwave Tortilla / Potato Steamer Bag

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Item Number: ITM00374

Description: ITM00374 – Microwave Tortilla / Potato Steamer Bag. Pouch size is 9-1/2″ Diameter Approx. Designed to hold 8″ tortillas or 1 to 2 medium sized potatoes.  Makes a great gift for friends, family and loved ones. Made with Pellon® Wrap-N-Zap™.

** Contains natural blemishes from the production process**      ** MICROWAVE SAFETY MUST BE OBSERVED. When cooking any vegetable wrapped in fabric, limit the time to two minute intervals. Pellon® does not recommend cooking on high longer than two minutes. When longer cooking time is needed, stop, turn the item, then start again. Never leave a microwave unattended while cooking.  DO NOT USE WRAP-N-ZAP™ IN MICROWAVE WITHOUT A FOOD ITEM.**

Manufacturer: Topaz Quilting & Embroidery

Weight 2 oz