In 2009, Stonehenge was created by Linda Ludovico and Northcott’s Design Director Deborah Edwards, with an aim to create fabrics that offer bold and distinctive colors and unique stony textures. Inspired by the Stonehenge rocks in Salisbury England, the two soon created a brand that has since gone on to become Northcott’s best-selling and most highly acclaimed brand. In celebration of the 10th Anniversary Northcott has created the Solstice collection, featuring textured Celtic symbols in shades of teal and gold and a stunning panel of the mysterious Stonehenge rocks. 

Take a look at the full rules and details with this PDF file.

** REMEMBER – If you can’t make it to a shop and you really like their block, contact them or check their website and see about having it shipped. It would be nice if you can visit the shop, but ordering the block is the next best option. **

The Stonehenge International Block Party Contest Rules

Block Party has Ended.

Thank you to everyone who has participated! Good Luck and wishing you the best! 


Topaz Quilting & Embroidery has a special block that we offer in a few variations. Our block size finishes at 6″ x 12″ and features a celtic style fox. 

“Celtic lore has foxes taking on the role of spirit guides, wise creatures who knew the trees like no other.

The Celts believed foxes were cunning creatures with a wily intelligence, known for their trickery and their wisdom. Foxes were seducers…able to captivate with both their voice and their good looks.

When a fox appeared, Celts thought the fox symbolized a need to think quickly and strategically, to employ cleverness and wisdom, and to adapt to situations.

The Celtic fox meaning also included a need to observe others and your surroundings, while remaining unnoticed yourself.”


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