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 Beginning Embroidery / BOM Class

Class Dates:
2018 Schedule TBA

Price: $ TBA

Instructor: Carol Kwasny

We have been asked to set up a beginning embroidery class for those who have purchased an embroidery machine and want to put it through the paces. We have found a perfect project to put together. This will be a 7 month course. The class will be offered 2 times a month for each block. You will complete 6 blocks of your choice and put them together to create a wall hanging, centerpiece or table runner. We are using Baltimore Album Blocks by San Francisco Stitch. We can sell you the designs or you can download them directly from San Francisco Stitch. The final class will go over assembling the blocks. There are a few ways you can do it and they will be touched on during the orientation and detailed in class #7.
The designs can be purchased for $39.99 for all 12 designs or can be purchased individually for $4.99 each.  The day of orientation, you will be required to bring your stick so we can download the design(s) you have chosen or the full design pack (if you are purchasing the designs from us).
Signups will be in the store only. This will allow you a chance to see the samples hanging on the announcement board and will give us a better understanding of your needs if we can talk to you in person. This class series is open to a single class if you only wish to attend one class. Students who have taken the full series will receive priority placement in class #7. The rest will be a first come, first serve policy. Thank you for your understanding.

Nonrefundable fee if you miss class. Space is limited.

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