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Topaz Quilting & Embroidery Update – 10/26/2017

Teal Pumpkin Project . . .

Halloween is fast approaching and many of us love to see the cute and imaginative costumes that the little ones have. Living in the same house for 14 years, I have watched some of these little ones grow up before my eyes. As they get older, the costumes change from cute and cuddly to gross and scary.
Sadly, a few of the kids that come around, are not able to take treats from our candy bowl. Food allergies are a real problem and for some children, deadly. The Teal Pumpkin Project has been trying to raise awareness to this plight. A simple nut candy bar placed in a child’s bag can contaminate an entire night of Trick or Treating for a child.
The Teal Pumpkin Project has suggestions for treats and gifts to pass out for Halloween. This year, in one bowl, have your favorite candies to pass out. In another bowl, put in items like Dracula Teeth, Glow Sticks, Bracelets, or Necklaces, Pencil Toppers or Erasers, Temporary Tattoos, Bookmarks, and Spider Rings just to name a few. Let the children pick which bowl they want to pull from. You’d be surprised to see that in may cases, they really want the toys over the candy.
You can find a full list of resources and information at the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Website HERE. Print off a flyer or yard sign and let the kids & parents know that this year, your house is a safe place for them to Trick or Treat at . . . .
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Topaz Quilting & Embroidery Update 8/16/2017


Two years ago I watched an episode of Man Sewing on YouTube with Rob Appell. The episode was about how to make a weighted blanket. It was very interesting, but I never thought anything more about it. Then about a month ago, the subject came back around in a discussion about weighted blankets and helping children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety. From what I have been reading, weighted blankets help calm down the child so that they can fall asleep and get a more restful sleep. Other research shows that a lap version, vest or scarf for daytime use, helps keep ADHD children focused and calmer. I am no doctor, and most of this information I have Google to thank, but after talking it over with both customers and a vendor of ours, these weighted blankets may be something to look deeper into. I have also found that, not just children, can benefit from these blankets. Another study shows that adults with anxiety and or insomnia issues, can also benefit from weighted blankets. The weight of the blanket helps release Serotonin and Dopamine which help induce calming in an individual.
I’m not a doctor, as stated before, and found my articles on Google which I will link below, but I figure that it couldn’t hurt to bring more information to parents and grandparents who silently suffer as they watch a small. . . . .

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