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Memorial Day 2015

memorial-day-354082_1280Today is the day we set aside to remember all those who have given their lives in the service and protection of our great country. I have several relatives who served in WW2, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the First Gulf War. Our family was very fortunate to have all our solders return home safely. Since then, a few have passed away while the rest go on with their lives, sharing with and loving us every blessed day. We mourn for our Grandfathers and our Father who have passed on, but give thanks for every day we had to spend with them.

Today is for those families who were never given the chance to hold their loved ones after the war. Today is for those solders who gave everything in the service and protection of our country. Their sacrifices are what made this country great! Their willingness to give everything they had to keep us safe and protected can not be measured. We have no words to sooth the pain of loss the family members have had to endure. The deep sadness they feel when they think of that soldier they lost, can never be totally healed.

As A Nation, we can only honor those fallen soldiers. We can only give them a day to say “Thank You” for your sacrifice. But we can, as an individual, give thanks every day. Keep them in our hearts and honor their memories every single day!