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Where your fabric stash goes when you’re gone?

We make wills and trusts to express our final wishes. We give our items and money to family, friends, charities and scholarships. We ask that our children are watched over and that our pets have a good home to go to. We spell out everything, or do we? So many times, we see family and friends bringing a huge fabric stash into our shop, asking if we can do anything with it. They just had a dear loved one pass away and as they were cleaning up the belongings, they just didn’t know what to do with everything that was left over. Sadly, we’ve seen families just toss out all the “junk” because they just didn’t want or couldn’t deal with it. If they care, they try to donate it or give it to a local quilt shop hoping to pass it on.

It started me thinking about all the fabric, machines, and supplies I have both at the shop and at home. I wondered what would be done with it all. I’d be afraid that most of my family members would just toss the fabric and notions and donate the machines to a local Goodwill location. I know I’d like to see it go to other places myself. So I’ve sat down and started writing out a list of people to contact, friends who know my wonderful obsession with fabric and my love for sewing & quilting & embroidery. With their permission, I’d like to have them named in my will as beneficiaries and ask that they get what they want and then to take the rest to different organizations here in town that benefit from these donations.

old-63622_1280Several organizations exist that, you too, can list out. Call and contact them to see what kind of donations they would accept. Local groups and guilds can get you names and numbers. Some groups are national like the American Sewing Guild (ASG ). Many towns and cities have ASG chapters. Our local animal shelter has volunteers who make beds for the animals. Each animal has their own bed they get to take with them when a family comes in to adopt them, giving them something familiar to keep with them as they make the transition with their new family. Our local quilt guild makes quilts for seniors in retirement homes. Each senior is given a quilt that will fit on their lap. It is something special they can keep. When they pass, the quilt can be kept by the family as a fond reminder of their loved one for many years to come. Some shops hold classes for underprivileged kids. They teach them how to sew and make simple items like cloths, toys, kitchen towels and pot holders and other fun gifts for family and friends.


We spend money and time gathering these wonderful fabric treasures. We hold on to them until we find that perfect project for that perfect person or event. Why not take some time to make that list of where you would like to see your fabric stash go to. Just a simple action plan for family members and friends give them peace of mind and helps them to decide how to best honor your memory.