Topaz Gems Podcast – Glow in the Dark Fun – Episode 0002

Podcast Review

Day and Mark talk about all things “Glow in the Dark”. They review fabrics, vinyl, thread, paints and glue.

Fabrics with glow in the dark elements are found in Halloween fabrics. However, it is not exclusive to these prints. Some themed fabrics such as space, dinosaurs, and licenced prints like Star Wars©.

Thread is a great way to make any fabric, project or design glow. Using thread you can put decorative stitches on any fabric to make it glow in the dark. Embroidery designs can have thread added as part of the design or in the case of freestanding lace, it can be the whole project.

Glow in the dark vinyls are a great way to add elements without the need of a sewing machine. They can be cut out, drawn on and ironed or glued into place. Decorate bags, garments, home decor and so much more.

Fabric paints can give you a wide range of project ideas. Put it on anything or in anything. The ideas are limitless.

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Thread & Embroidery images courtesy of Urban Threads®

Music By: Vibe Tracks – Invisible – (Youtube Create Audio Library)