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All That Glitters . . .

Things have been jumping here at Topaz Quilting & Embroidery. We discovered a new and wonderful product a few months back called Embroidery Glitter and Glitter Flex. It took a couple of months to register with the manufacturer, but we are so glad we did. Several projects later and we’re just having a blast. Many of our students have already enjoyed this wonderful material and our instructors have been getting more creative with the product’s unique appearance and its ability to make any project “POP” with flare!



This product was originally designed for use with sports jerseys as the lettering that goes on them. It is a heat applied material that is cut in a plotter then placed on the garment and set with an iron press. At first, it was just a simple vinyl type product. Very basic and only in a few colors. However, like everything else, it was improved, modified and changed allowing for various colors, textures and prints. You can now get the material in Zebra print if you wanted it. The glitter material was developed to help make cheerleader uniforms pop and sparkle during drills and routines. Before too long, it was added to other sporting products and gifts. Somewhere along the way, the product was picked up by embroidery shops who had crossover business with these heat set lettering companies and started playing with the material. Oh boy, they were doing some wonderful embroidery lettering with the material. It started to be noticed nationally about a year ago. More and more embroidery shops were starting to pick up the material. Now you can find the product carried by big chain craft stores and by local dealers. Name brand manufactures have started marketing the material under their name like Brother Company. brotherglitter1




bluestarSo now, Topaz Quilting & Embroidery has stepped into the “glitter” ring. We’ve seen some wonderful projects come out of the imaginations of our talented educators and customers. It is amazing at how versatile the glitter material truly is. We are so happy to see the creative uses for the glitter material and look forward to many more wonderful projects we’re presented with.