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National Embroidery Month 2/2015

It seems that every time I turn around, it’s another “National Day of” or “National Month of” and it seems that they just run over each other. It’s not at all surprising though. There are only twelve months in a year and that means only 365 days (366 days for leap year) to celebrate, recognize and honor thousands of causes and events in a single year. February has always been Black History Month, to my understanding, and I respect that. It is a major part of our history and it’s very important to reflect and remember the wonderful contributions made by our fellow Americans.

One of the other “National Month of” for February is National Embroidery Month. Now I have been doing some research on the actual creation of National Embroidery Month and I’m not able to find any word on the history of it. I find posts going back to 2007, but most of them are “Celebrate National Embroidery Month. Save $$$ on this new embroidery machine!” So I’m leaning toward it being a made up event to help sales of embroidery machines after the Christmas rush. I’m thinking that since most people are now starting to file for their income tax returns and claiming their refunds, machine dealers are trying to keep the idea of a new machine in the front of American minds. Later posts, like those around 2012 – 2014 start to reflect more on embroidery and the history of the craft. I feel that if we’re going to focus on something for an entire month, we should really make it more about the education and celebration of the item of focus and not a commercial push to make money. sewing-586206_1280

So in keeping with the spirit of National Embroidery Month, I’m going to put together a quick history of Embroidery. A task that is not all that small, but important none the less. So stay tuned and watch for a small, two part posting on Embroidery History and the role it’s played.

Embroidery is something that we see all over the place. We find it in the grocery store, mechanic’s shop and on the playing fields of our favorite sports. Embroidery is everywhere, and yet, we hardly even notice it. For many years, embroidery was something that was done by hand.