PK00041 – Glitter 6 Leaf Palm Trees Applique


Glitter 6 Leaf Palm Trees Applique



Item Number: PK00041

Description: Glitter 6 Leaf Palm Trees Applique (2) Two per Pack – Mirror Images – 6-1/2in Tall x 4-1/2″ Wide.

Two color ways available:  PK00041-A – Dark Green Leaves / Brown Trunk or PK00041-B – Light Green Leaves / Brown Trunk

Each design is a mirror image of the other (most packs). Glitter material is heat set and can be machine washable & dried after being set. Great for use on cottons, some blends and unwaxed canvas. Garments should be prewashed and preshrunk prior to affixing the glitter to it. Glitter will not shrink and will cause puckering & gathering if garment shrinks. No sewing required but can be stitched down if desired.

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Dark Green, Light Green