Anita Goodesign – Lace Charms – PROJ110

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Anita Goodesign – Lace Charms – PROJ110 – Projects Collection

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Item Number: PROJ110

Description: ” Every time we host one of our embroidery parties and ask for requests from the attendees Lace Jewelry is always on the list.  After meeting some of you a year after a request was made I am always presented with the question “How come you haven’t created the collection I asked for last year?” So now, I wont get that question regarding lace jewelry, and I promise, all requests are considered and brought up at our art retreats. You are going to love creating this collection. The lace designs are very simple to stitch, simply stitch the designs on Wet N gone stabilizer, rinse and then you are ready to wear. Using simple jewelry supplies you can create necklaces, earrings, or charms. Be ready for the question “Where did you buy that?”

20 different designs in 2 sizes each. Hoop size 4” x 4”. ”

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Brand: Projects Collection

Designer: Anita Goodesign