Many times I look at a life experience and find myself overwhelmed. Work, home, family, commitments and more can pile on all at once and make anyone curl up in a corner and cry. I face those days once in a great while, but when I do, it really takes the wind out of my sails and causes me to sit and think and focus on those things that are important to me. Sometimes in a few hours, or in a couple of days, I pull myself together and face life head-on once again. We all have feelings like this. We all have to face a crisis in our lives and deal with it. Some have to pull from their inner strength, harder and deeper than others, but it doesn’t make it any less testing. We all feel despair and solitude at times in our lives and the feelings are very real. The difference is how we choose to handle it and how to go forward with our lives. I found this YouTube video from “Dancing with the Stars” and the story of Noah Galloway and his ability to pull from a strength so deep and strong, that it is moving beyond words. I only hope I have half the strength he has when I have to face another trial in my life.