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Another Great Quilting Adventure.

hawaii-217694_1280Can you say Hawaii? Can you say 15 days of South Pacific goodness? Well, this just fell into my e-mail and I had to pass it along. A very dear friend of mine forwarded me this wonderful flyer for a 15 day South Pacific Quilt and Cruise to Hawaii. Her name is Carrie Fondi and she will be one of the teachers during the cruise. It is a round-trip event from San Francisco, CA and will be aboard Princess Cruises Cruise Line.

As much as I would like to push for this trip and make sure she’s packed with students during the event, I want to focus on her designs and website more. I’ve known Carrie for several years and I’ve watched her grow as an educator and as a quilter. I have seen her designs become more intense and dramatic. She has taken a small internet business and has made it a huge success. Aloha Quilts has become one the “Go To” sites for traditional Hawaiian Applique Designs. If you have a few minutes, take a look at all she has to offer and all the designs she’s developed.

Plumeria summerHawaiian applique’ and reverse applique’ has a special hand turned method that taught by very few people. In the world of machine embroidery and machine applique’, hand quilting and hand applique’ is a dying art. It is so much easier to use your machine to get the quilt done or the gift finished and out to that special person. Hand sewing is a time consuming endeavor and requires patience and skill to complete. However, if you take the time and take the effort to complete a hand quilted project, the reward and self satisfactions is so worth it. So next time someone tells you that they made it by hand, I hope you have a deep appreciation for the amount of effort and love went into that gift. Even if it’s machine sewed, someone thought of you and cared for you to make you a special, personalized gift. Most importantly, You’re worth it!hand quilt sample