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Embroidery – The artwork that hides in plain sight (Part 1)

embroid1001-190x300Embroidery is something that we see all over the place. We find it in the grocery store, mechanic’s shop and on the playing fields of our favorite sports. Embroidery is everywhere, and yet, we hardly even notice it. For many years, embroidery was something that was done by hand. You would find it in fine garments, handmade quilts and linens. These items would be considered treasured family heirlooms passed down from mother to daughter. How many still remember grandma’s fancy doilies dotted throughout the house? I’d bet that one or two were handmade and embroidered with care and lots of love.




Once we hit the mechanical revolution, embroidery became a little more commonplace. We started to see it put on garments, fabrics and household decor’. It was usually very expensive, but it was gaining popularity with each passing year. As the machines became more affordable, embroidery became something more people could afford. Businesses picked up on embroidery and started using it for their logos and to label workers shirts. Name tags gave way to embroidered names on shirts. More and more demand was put on the embroidery digitizers and embroidery companies to come up with great new ways to get a companies branding out to the public. Soon, embroidered gifts, towels, luggage tags, golf club covers, and so much more was embroidered with a company’s logo and slogan.embroid1003


By the early 1900’s, embroidery was a mainstay in the corporate world. However, it wasn’t limited there. More embroidered items became available to the general public. For a price, one could have draperies, covers, clothing, towels and pillows beautifully decorated in elaborate embroidery designs. This once personalized and time intensive art form was now becoming common place, and we still couldn’t get enough.embroid1002