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Topaz Quilting & Embroidery Update – 11/01/2016


Daylight Savings Ending Soon . . .

The most important day is coming Sunday, November 6th. It is the end of Daylight Savings Time!!! Oh sweet sleep! I regain my lost hour of sleep and I’m so looking forward to it. Although the concept has been around for hundreds of years, our version of Daylight Savings wasn’t accepted by North America and Europe until the 1970’s. Sure, it was used during WWI and again during WWII, it was terminated shortly thereafter. It was during the Energy Crisis of the 1970’s that congress enacted Daylight Savings Time to help ease the need for artificial lighting and thus, saving energy. Since then, we’ve seen a couple of adjustments to the dates that DST starts and stops, but for the most part, I have had an hour stolen from me sometime in March and given back to me either at the end of October or the first part of November. I am of the mind that we need to do away with DST and just pick a time schedule and stick with that. We’re a 24 hour society nowadays, and DST is becoming an antiquated concept. Although, the priest at St. Patrick’s Church, where I grew up, always enjoyed “fall back”. It seemed it was the only time the majority of his parishioners showed up on time for mass….

itm00245aKimberbell Bench Pillow Embroidery Class. . .

We have been playing around with the new products being put out by Kimberbell. These are wonderful embroidery designs that Kim Christopherson, the creator of Kimberbell Designs, has converted from her very popular quilt & sewing projects. There is a monthly type design pack that she has put out called Bench Pillow. She has designed different covers to go over a bench pillow and you change out the covers for different holidays and events. This class will be using an older design called Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow. This is a cute pillow that has a Winter theme to it. It features a Penguin and on each side of it is a snowperson. We will be offering a slight change up on the design that will make this pillow cover go really fast. If you’re not interested in the pillow, why not make it a wall hanging or table topper instead.

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Time: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Price: $ 25.00
Required: Kimberbell Embroidery CD – Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016
Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Price: $ 25.00
Required: Kimberbell Embroidery CD – Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow

Sign Up in person or on our website. Limited space available. Website page here.

Nonrefundable fee if you miss class. Space is limited.


Row by Row Hibernation Over . . .

The wait time is now over and you are able to pick up your 2016 Row by Row patterns & kits once again. If you wanted a specific store’s pattern, they may still have a few to hand out. We have patterns to hand out at the store, but we are very low on kits. We will be making up a few more in the next week or two, so let us know if you’re interested in our 2016 kits and we can make sure to have it made up. We still have our license plates available and a cute zipper bag sample using our plate if you wanted a quick peek.

Sadly, no one brought their completed quilt into our shop, so sadly, the prizes will be returned to the shelves. Maybe we will have a winner for the 2017 Row by Row Experience.

fbc00346aName Your Season Fabric, Sale ! – EXTENDED –

It is a perfect storm at Topaz Quilting & Embroidery. A tiny shop and over enthusiastic fabric purchasing has created a very interesting result at the shop. We are being over run with brand new fabrics and a single season focused sale just won’t help us move fabric, so we’ve decided to offer a “Name Your Season” fabric sale. Starting now through the end of the month of November, all regularly priced fabric is being offered for 25% discount for in store purchases only. This includes cut fabrics as well. Any fabric not already marked down as a sale item will receive the discount. If you prefer to shop on the website, use the coupon code “fabric15” to receive a 15% discount on all non-sale fabric items while supplies last.

text-1315161_1280Shop Extending Hours and Open Sew. . .

Topaz Quilting & Embroidery is happy to announce that it will be extending the hours of operation on Mondays & Fridays. Starting this Friday, November 4th, we will be opening at 11:00 am and closing at 7:00 pm. During this time, you are welcome to bring in a project to work on for open sew. There will be a $10 fee for open sew, but you are also welcome to just come in and go shopping. We have fabric, patterns  & embroidery designs for you to choose from.

Special Shop Days Closed

The shop will be closing early on Wednesday, November 23rd. We will be closing at 5:00 pm. We will be closed Thursday, November 24th for Thanksgiving.

(subject to change – Please check our calendar for current events)