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Anita’s Majestic 3D Birds – Special Edition

Anita Goodesign has a great offer for you!

This is a real quick notice to all those machine embroiderers out there, Anita Goodesign has a wonderful new design pack that is available for pre-order. The regular price will be $99.95 after July 31, 2015. I recommend that you look at the pricing below and see if you would like to order this design pack. If you do, download the order form and get it in now. If you wait until the last minute, you may be too late.

Majestic 3D Birds is a Special Edition unlike any other collection you’ve ever seen! This collection allows you to bring these magnificent birds to life with 3-dimensional feathers, vivid thread colors, and extraordinary detail.


There are 12 birds in this collection including the regal swan, the brilliant bird of paradise, the resplendent peacock, and even a fiery and fierce phoenix. These birds will look beautiful on home décor like pillows, and will be absolutely striking framed and mounted on your wall. They are the perfect embroidered addition to create unique garments and accessories.

All Access VIP $0     Diamond, Quilting, Platinum Club Members $59.95 , VIP Club Members $ 49.95,  Non-Club Members $ 79.95.  These prices are only good until 7/31/2015. You must have it to your dealer before 5:00 pm EDT. (2:00 PM PDT)

Download your order form today and get it in to your local Anita Goodesign dealer as soon as possible. 3D-Birds-SE-pre-order-Web